Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post Christmas update la la la...

Hey there folks. Been busy here in Florida trying to keep warm, reading, quilting, cleaning and snuggling.

All our Christmas company (we had 11 people here at one time) went back home to the great state of Texas (without me). Boo hoo. This is my mom with 4 grandchildren. Who is ready to open presents and is sick of taking pictures? LOL

My daughter left for her second semester at college. This is her in the green. She's the oldest grandchild and everyone's right hand girl. Our home doesn't glow nearly as bright when her light is gone.

My husband left to work in Pennsylvania. I'm um....pretty certain he's coming home at the end of this week...Lord willing. :)

My son and I are working hard on his school, and started back to co-op last week.

I've bound 4 quilts, started a new one and my fingers are super sore. Ouch. No, I can't use a thimble. I try, but I can't. "Tex" is what I'm called by the people who will receive this baby quilt. I guess if your going to be called something other than your name, Tex is at least a kind endearment

...But the real reason my poor blog has been abandoned is because I got a Kindle for Christmas and I've read 4 books. Time to put it down and get the house put back together. I still need to put Christmas away. Yikes! Look at my domesticated "shadows". They go every where with me and they think they own the place. They're always invading my body bubble!

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