Saturday, November 21, 2009

2nd Degree Hot Wax Burn

My poor baby. My heart broke in a million pieces Wednesday helping my daughter while she was in agony. She was melting wax for eye brows, per instructions, in the microwave.

She saw it bubble up like a volcano then it shot out like a fountain in Yellowstone right at her face. It covered parts of her face, her neck, right hand and even got up inside her nose. 
I just keep praising God it didn't get in her eye.

In a panic, we tried to get the wax off her face. DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER do that if this happens to you. Just leave it there, and the burn creams you use will soften the concrete super glue like wax in time.  We did not know this until the emergency room people told us. 
If this happens to you,
per Doctors instructions.
Good God, we peeled the skin off in the process, only making things worse. It was the most heart wrenching, disgusting thing I ever witnessed with one of my children. We took her to the emergecy room and they treated the burns and gave her some meds.

Look how pitiful she looks the first night. Doesn't she break your heart? I'm sick over it. She cried for hours and got tears in her burn. I finally got her to lay down, so the tears would run down the other way. *sniff*

Yesterday morning, her hand looked some better. Her face looked worse. Her nose was swollen and the burn was all crusty. I thought I was going to be sick, so Daddy had to come in and save the day. I can't handle pain or blood with one of my kids. My insides freak out and I feel faint.

Here is her courageous self-portrait, attempting to be brave and hopeful of no scarring. Her burn is in the shape of India or Africa...we can't decide. So if she scars, she'll at least have a cool looking shape on her face. *sigh*

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