Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picking Oranges and Home School Poetry

My son has been awake a total of 5 hours today. Because he has been a tiny bit under the weather, we let him sleep. He woke around 10:00, went straight to the couch, slept till 12:30. He read for awhile and was asleep again at 5:00. It's 9:00 pm and he is still asleep. Dad and I have checked on him making sure he's still breathing. He's either sick or growing.

Does it make me a bad mother if I back my van up under an orange tree, then make my son climb up there to pick for me. :) He's so good to me. He would do just about anything I asked of him.

We're covering Limericks tomorrow in our British Lit class, and reading C.S. Lewis too. I ran across a really good site for poetry with printable ideas and guides. I hope you find it useful in the education of your older  homeschoolers.

It's called Read Think Write.

I have had tremendous success teaching poetry this year. That is the one thing I tought the kids would hate, since poetry isn't so popular these days. My students beg me for poetry assignments. What??? I can't believe it. Maybe that's what's wrong with all these uncivilized, sociopathic teenagers in the news everyday. They aren't reading enough classic literature (see Fahrenheit 451).

Enjoy and be blessed.

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